do hamsters like the dark

Do Hamsters Like The Dark?

Do hamsters need darkness to be healthy, or will they be ok in lighted homes? The answer is that hamsters do prefer to be in a dark environment, and that’s why they enjoy sleeping in a hammock or slumber balls which keep them enclosed and away from any bright lights.

Benefits of Dark Environment

Providing your hamster with a dark environment has great advantages to its health and overall well-being:

  • Improved Health – A dark and secluded environment helps keep hamsters safe from predators while they’re sleeping or hiding, and it also limits their exposure to parasites and other threats.
  • Stress Reduction – One of the primary sources of stress for hamsters is bright light, so by providing them with a dark home you’re helping them cope with their anxiety.
  • Increased Productivity – Hamsters store up energy while they’re sleeping and they’re able to work harder and play more when their sleep is uninterrupted. Making sure their environment is dark is key to their having enough time and energy for productive activities.

Tips for Creating a Dark Environment for Your Hamster

You can easily create a dark environment for your hamster at home by following these tips:

  • Keep the room where the hamster is housed dark and quiet. If there are any windows, you should use blackout curtains to keep the sunlight out.
  • Move any loud appliances or other noisy items away from the cage.
  • Draw the curtains in the afternoon and evening to create a darker and more relaxing atmosphere.
  • If you’re keeping an aquarium for your hamster, keep the light off during the night.
  • If your hamster needs to be kept in a brightly lit room for any amount of time, make sure it has a secure hiding spot to retreat to when it needs to get away from the light.


Hamsters do enjoy the dark and will be much happier and healthier in a dark environment. If you create the right conditions of quiet and dark at home, your hamster will love its home and stay much happier and healthier.

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