Do Hamsters Like the Dark


Do Hamsters Like the Dark?

Do Hamsters Like the Dark Hamsters are usually nocturnal creatures, meaning they are most active at night. Does this mean they like the dark? Let’s take a look at the science behind hamster’s nocturnal nature and find out.

Hamster Eyesight and Vision in the Dark

Hamster’s eyesight is quite good for a small rodent, but it’s not as strong as a cat or a dog. They does have the ability to see in the dark, however, because of the structure of their eyes. They have a layer in their eyes that reflects light, some times called the Tapetum, which helps the light to pass through their eyes better, allowing them to see better in the dark.

Nocturnal Habits

Having good night vision helps hamsters to become more active at night and also makes them more comfortable in low light conditions. Just like other nocturnal creatures, hamsters need to rest during the day and require dark, cool and quiet places to sleep. As a result, they usually seek dark and shaded places when given the ability to move about freely.

Do They Enjoy Being in the Dark?

Though hamsters are adapted to living in the dark and spend a lot of time in that environment, that doesn’t mean they necessarily enjoy it. In fact, most hamsters don’t mind being around bright lights and even seem to enjoy it, sometimes playing under it.


To sum it up, hamsters are adapted to living in the dark, but they don’t necessarily prefer it. While they usually search dark and shaded places when they roam freely, they also seem to enjoy being around bright light sources.

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