do hamsters like water

Do Hamsters Like Water?

Hamsters are adorable and lovable animals that make perfect family pets. One of the main things to consider when owning and caring for a hamster is their diet. But do hamsters like water?

Do Hamsters Drink Water?

Yes, hamsters consume water and need plenty of it. Drinking water is an essential part of a hamster’s diet and is necessary for survival. Hamsters need to have fresh and clean drinking water accessible to them at all times.

Do Hamsters Get Wet?

Most hamsters don’t enjoy getting wet and will avoid any large bodies of water like pools or streams. However, hamsters may enjoy a shallow dish of water that is no more than one-inch deep. You should never submerge your hamster in water, as they don’t enjoy it and it can be dangerous.

Benefits of a Water Dish

There are numerous benefits to providing your hamster with a shallow water dish instead of a bowl or bottle of water. A hamster water dish provides:

  • Easy access – Your hamster will always have easy access to clean, fresh drinking water.
  • Humidity levels – A water dish can help increase the humidity levels in your hamster’s living environment.
  • Play and interact – A shallow water dish can be a source of entertainment for your hamster. They may enjoy playing in the water and interacting with it.


Hamsters definitely need fresh, clean drinking water for survival. Providing a shallow water dish can be beneficial for your hamster as it allows for easy access and entertainment. However, never submerge your hamster in water as they don’t like it and it can be dangerous.

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