do hamsters need shots


Do Hamsters Need Shots?

Many people wonder if owning a hamster requires any vaccination or shots. Generally, hamsters do not need shots unless they have open wounds or a weakened immune system. The following provides an overview of when a vet may recommend certain vaccinations for your pet hamster.

The Health of Your Pet

It’s important to gauge the overall health of your pet hamster in order to determine if any vaccines are necessary. If your pet is healthy and has no open wounds, then vaccines are generally not needed. However, it’s important to keep the cage clean and ensure that your hamster is receiving the proper nutrition, in order to reduce the chance of disease.

When Vaccines May Be Necessary

In some cases, a hamster may require certain vaccinations. A vet may recommend the following shots if your hamster appears weak or has an open wound:

    • Chlamydia Infections


    • Fungal Respiratory Infection


    • Mycoplasma Respiratory Infection


    • Bacterial Respiratory Infection


In certain cases, a vet may also recommend that your pet undergo a fecal examination to identify any potential parasites.


In most cases, hamsters do not require any vaccinations or shots. Taking good care of your pet hamster can help prevent the spread of germs and bacterial infections, reducing the need for vaccinations. If you notice any signs of infection or a weakened immune system, seek advice from a vet.

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