do hamsters need to be in pairs

Do Hamsters Need to be in Pairs?

Hamsters can make wonderful pets, but before you make the commitment to care for a pet hamster, it is important to understand their needs. One important factor to consider is whether hamsters need to be kept in pairs.

Understanding Hamsters

Hamsters make excellent pets for first-time owners, as they are relatively low-maintenance and easy to care for. Pet hamsters are typically taken from the wild once they are weaned from their mothers, meaning they do not have contact with any other hamsters. Because of this, hamsters can be perfectly content living alone and do not necessarily need a companion to stay healthy.

Benefits of Having a Pair

While a single hamster can lead a happy, full life, there are some potential benefits to having a pair. For example, having two hamsters can help to fill the void when an owner is away for a long period of time, as the animals will feel comforted by having a companion. Also, hamsters that live in pairs may demonstrate less stress than those living alone and can also be less prone to boredom.


If considering getting two hamsters, owners need to take a few important factors into account. First, it is important to recognize that they should not be of the same sex, as this can lead to fighting and territorial disputes. Two female hamsters may also be more prone to fighting than two males. Secondly, owners must be vigilant to provide each hamster with ample space, food, and toys so as to avoid fighting.


In conclusion, hamsters do not necessarily need to be kept in pairs in order to maintain a happy, healthy life. Though there are benefits to keeping a pair, the most important thing to consider is the size of the enclosure and whether the owner can provide each hamster with the time and attention it deserves.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hamsters can be happy living alone and do not necessarily need a pair.
  • Having two hamsters can help to fill the void when an owner is away.
  • Two hamsters of the same sex should never be kept together as this can cause fighting.
  • Ensure that you can provide each hamster with ample food, space, and toys.

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