do hamsters take sand baths

Do Hamsters Take Sand Baths?

Hamsters are incredibly clean animals, and taking sand baths is one activity that they absolutely love! From Syrian hamsters to dwarf hamsters, all hamster breeds use sand baths to keep themselves hygienically clean.

Why Do Hamsters Take Sand Baths?

Wild hamsters use sand as a natural form of protection against parasites. The sand acts as a physical barrier that protects their fur from mites and fleas. When in captivity, however, hamsters take sand baths solely for their own pleasure and well-being. By rolling in the sand, pet hamsters can help maintain their coat’s luster and elasticity, preventing the fur from matting and knots.

What Kind Of Sand Is Best For Hamsters?

When choosing what kind of sand to use for your hamster, you should opt for a specialized hamster sand, as it is formulated to meet the requirements of a pet
hamster. Usually this includes:

  • Natural and odorless: to ensure that your hamster sand contains no artificial fragrances.
  • Dust-free: a major health concern for any small animal is respiratory problems. Using dust-free sand can help prevent your hamster from inhaling sand.
  • Soft on the skin: some breeds of hamsters are more sensitive than others, so using softer sand that protects the skin can help keep them comfier.

How To Set Up A Sand Bath For Your Hamster

Once you have the required sand and materials, you can start setting up your hamster’s sand bath:

  • Using a shallow dish, fill it up about two thirds with the sand.
  • Allow your hamster to explore the sand bath before getting him in it.
  • Show him where it is, and leave the door to the sand bath open so that he can go in and out as he pleases.
  • Once your hamster starts rolling in the sand, give him time to do so as you monitor him.
  • Once your hamster has had their bath, pick up the bowl and dispose of the used sand.


It is important to note that a hamster’s sand bath should never be shared as they can pass parasites between them. As long as they are kept clean, however, hamsters make great use of sand baths to maintain their fur’s condition and keep them feeling calm and relaxed.

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