Do Hawks Eat Rabbits


Do Hawks Eat Rabbits?

Yes, it’s true! Hawks are predatory birds and they do eat rabbits. Hawks are equipped with incredibly sharp talons and beaks which they use to hunt and capture their prey. After they have captured their prey, they will use their sharp beaks to tear apart and eat the meat.

What Do Hawks Hunt?

Hawks consume a wide variety of animals, including small mammals like rabbits, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and even fish.

Famous for their speed and agility, hawks are powerful hunters. They rely on their excellent vision to spot their prey from a long distance, then swoop down and catch it in their talons in midair. Hawks are patient hunters, taking the time to wait and observe the environment before striking.

What Other Prey Do Hawks Catch?

In addition to rabbits, hawks can feed on a variety of other prey, including:

    • Birds – Hawks may hunt smaller birds, or large birds such as vultures or crows.


    • Small mammals – This can include small animals such as squirrels, mice, moles and shrews.


    • Insects – Hawks may hunt flying insects such as bugs, moths and butterflies.


    • Fish – Some hawks such as the Osprey are specialized to hunt and feed on fish.


Hawks also scavenge on carrion and other dead animals, and may even steal prey from other animals such as predatory cats and foxes.


Yes, hawks do eat rabbits – although it is not as common as hawks eating other types of prey. Hawks are powerful predators and their diet is quite varied. Hawks possess sharp talons and beaks that they use to capture and tear apart their prey.

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