Do Hedgehogs Roll


Do Hedgehogs Really Roll?

Hedgehogs are small, adorable mammals that come in different sizes, shapes and colors. They are known to be solitary creatures but surprisingly they do like to roll! So it seems that the answer to the question “Do hedgehogs roll?” is a definite yes!

Reasons Why Hedgehogs Roll

Hedgehogs have a few reasons for rolling that all have to do with survival:

    • Travel: Hedgehogs use rolling as a way to quickly cover large amounts of ground to explore and forage for food.


    • Protection: Hedgehogs can actually roll themselves up into a tight ball when they feel threatened.


    • Temperature Regulation: Rolling is also used as a way to help maintain a consistent body temperature.


How Do They Roll?

Hedgehogs use two main types of rolling to get around. The first is a slow, steady roll where their back legs push their body forward. The second is a faster roll where they tuck their head and legs and use the momentum of their body to quickly move away from danger.


It is amazing to think that such a small creature has the ability to roll at such high speeds! We may not know why exactly hedgehogs roll but we can be sure that it’s a skill used to support their survival.

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