Do Hedgehogs Shed Their Quills


Do Hedgehogs Shed Their Quills?

Do Hedgehogs Shed Their Quills Hedgehogs are one of the most beloved animals in the world. They are known for their spiky quills and friendly demeanour. One question that often crosses the minds of hedgehog owners is whether these animals shed their quills.

What are Quills?

Before we answer shed their quills, let’s first discuss what quills are. Quills are the hollow spines that cover the body of a hedgehog and they are made of keratin. They are rigid and act as a defense mechanism against predators.

Do Hedgehogs Shed Their Quills?

The answer is yes; hedgehogs do shed their quills, but the process is gradual. Hedgehogs shed a few quills each day and the new ones are constantly being grown. It might seem like a hedgehog is not shedding any quills because the discarded quills are usually replaced by new ones.

What are the Signs that My Hedgehog is Shedding Its Quills?

There are some signs that can indicate your hedgehog is shedding its quills. Here are some of the most common signs:

    • Itching: Hedgehogs will often try to scratch their quills to help shed them.


    • Loose Quills: If you take a close look at your hedgehog’s quills, you may be able to spot some loose ones which have started to come off.


    • Dull Appearance: The once menacing quills may start to look dull, especially if the shedding has been going on for a while.



Hedgehogs shed their quills, but the process is so gradual that most owners won’t even be able to notice it. The signs that a hedgehog is shedding its quills are usually very subtle, so make sure to keep an eye out for any changes.

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