Do Hedgehogs Smell Bad


Do Hedgehogs Smell Bad?

Hedgehogs can make great pets, but pet owners may wonder if their beloved pet will produce an awful smell. Do hedgehogs smell bad?

It Depends on the Hedgehog’s Care

Much like with any pet, hedgehogs need proper care in order to stay healthy and odor-free. Generally, if a hedgehog is kept clean, well-fed, and has plenty of fresh water, it will not smell bad.A hedgehog that lives in an unkempt, dirty, or neglected environment will likely have an unpleasant smell due to built-up oils and dirt.


Bathing regular is recommended for any pet, and hedgehogs are no different. Bathing a hedgehog is not a difficult task and once a month should be enough to keep them smelling fresh. When bathing a hedgehog, it is important to use gentle, pet-friendly shampoo made specifically for small animals.

What Causes a Bad Smell?

If a hedgehog isn’t bathed regularly, oils and dirt will accumulate on their fur, causing a bad smell. If a hedgehog isn’t provided with a good diet, they may give off an unpleasant odor as well. Additionally, hedgehogs are known to produce an odor when they get excited.

Things to Remember

    • Keep the Hedgehog’s Environment Clean: A dirty or unkempt environment can cause a bad smell.


    • Bathe Regularly: Bathing a hedgehog once per month is usually enough to keep it clean and smelling fresh.


    • Provide a Healthy Diet: A healthy diet is necessary to keep a hedgehog healthy, and will also help it stay odor-free.


In conclusion, with proper care, a hedgehog should have a very pleasant scent. However, if a hedgehog is not taken care of properly, it may give off an unpleasant odor. By providing good diet, keeping the environment clean, and bathing regularly, a hedgehog’s owner can make sure their pet stays clean and odor-free.

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