Do Hedgehogs Sweat


Do Hedgehogs Sweat?

Everyone knows that sweating is part of the human body’s way of regulating its temperature and keeping us cool in hot weather. But do animals have the same ability to sweat? Do hedgehogs sweat?

The Sweat Glands of a Hedgehog

Hedgehogs, alongside other mammals, have sweat glands present in the skin. This allows them to sweat when the temperature rises and they need to cool down. Even though they sweat, they do not perspire as much as humans do and therefore, they cannot adjust their temperature to the same extent that humans can.

Sweating and Cooling Down

Hedgehogs are unable to sweat as efficiently as humans, so they use different methods to cool down their bodies. These methods include:

    • Panting – By panting or open-mouth breathing, a hedgehog can cool down their body temperature quickly.


    • Rolling in Mud – Hedgehogs can also cool down by rolling in mud and water, which provides a cooling effect.


    • Surrounding Temperature Changes – The hedgehog’s body temperature will also be affected by the surrounding temperature. They will move to cooler places during hotter days and find a warm spot during cold days.



In conclusion, hedgehogs do have sweat glands in their skin. However, they cannot sweat as efficiently as humans and must therefore use other methods to cool down. By panting or rolling in mud or water, hedgehogs can lower their body temperature and regulate their own temperature.

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