Do Horses Have Eyebrows


Do Horses Have Eyebrows?

Horses are incredible animals and intriguing to many; one particular question that many have is whether or not horses have eyebrows. It’s understandable why we would want to know the answer to this question; eyebrows are such a defining and recognizable feature on humans.

Horse Facial Anatomy

In order to determine whether or not horses have eyebrows, we need to understand more about their facial anatomy. Firstly, horses do have hairy tufts around their eyes, similar to what we might consider eyebrows on humans. These tufts of hair are known as “facial whiskers” or “facial hairs”. They are often thicker and more noticeable in breeds such as the Friesian, Arabian and Clydesdale.

Function of Facial Whiskers

The purpose of these facial whiskers is generally to provide protection for the eyes. Horses lack the eyelashes that humans have, so the hairs helps to protect the eyes from dust and dirt and also provides them with tactile information about things in their environment.

Do Horses Have Eyebrows?

In conclusion, horses do not technically have eyebrows; rather, they have hair around the eye area which serves an important protective function. This is the same purpose eyebrows serve on humans, so it’s not completely off base to refer to them as “eyebrows”.


    • Horses do not have eyebrows.


    • They do have facial whiskers which help protect the eyes.


    • Facial whiskers are thicker on certain horse breeds.


    • The purpose of facial whiskers is similar to that of eyebrows on humans.


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