do horses have hair

Do Horses Have Hair?

Horses have been a part of human history for centuries and have been a symbol of power, strength, and nobility. A horse’s mane and tail are two of its most recognizable features, so it is natural to ask the question – do horses have hair? The answer is yes! Horses have a thick coat of hair over their entire body which helps protect them from the elements and when kept groomed regularly provides a sleek, shiny appearance.

Horse Hair Overview

Horses have two types of hair – guard hair and down hair. The guard hair is the top layer of a horse’s coat – it is longer, thicker, and coarser in texture. Its main purpose is to protect a horse’s skin from the elements, such as wind or sun. The guard hair can range from white to black and many shades of brown.

Beneath the guard hairs is a layer of softer, downy hairs called “down hairs”. Down hairs are much finer than guard hairs, and help insulate horses from the cold. Different breeds of horses have different amounts of guard and down hairs, such as the Arabian and Appaloosa, which have more guard hairs, or the Shetland Pony, which has a much longer coat of down hairs.

Grooming A Horse’s Hair

A horse’s hair should be brushed and groomed regularly. Grooming a horse helps remove dirt and debris, distributes natural oils on the horse’s coat, and helps promote healthy skin and a good environment for the horse. Here are some tips for properly grooming your horse:

  • Brushing: Start at the bottom and work your way up, brushing in the direction the hair grows. Use soft brushes to remove dust and dirt.
  • Hoof Care: Clean the hooves with a hoof pick to remove any rocks or debris stuck in the crevices.
  • Bathing: Use warm water and a mild shampoo to gently clean the horse’s coat. Rinse well and pat the coat dry when you’re finished.
  • Tail Care: Use a comb to gently detangle the tail and remove any tangles.
  • Mane Care: Brush the mane in the direction of hair growth and use an oil-based mane and tail conditioner to keep it soft and shiny.


Horses have a thick coat of hair over their entire body which helps protect them from the elements and keeps them looking sleek and shiny. The guard hair is the top layer of the coat, it is longer and coarser in texture and helps protect the horse from the sun or wind. Beneath the guard hair is a layer of softer, downy hairs which help insulate the horse from the cold. Properly caring for a horse’s hair is essential for their health and wellbeing, and regular grooming helps keep the coat clean, healthy, and un-tangled.

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