Do Horses Make Milk


Do Horses Make Milk?

Do Horses Make Milk When we think of milk, horses are not the first animals that come to our minds. Therefore, it’s quite natural to question whether horses can give milk.

Can Horses Produce Milk?

The answer is yes! Female horses can produce milk, just like most other mammal species. This means that if a female horse gives birth to a foal, it will be capable of producing milk.

Where Does the Milk Come From?

Milk is produced in the mammary glands of female horses, which are located in the udder. It is very similar to the mammary glands of cows and other mammals.

What Is the Milking Process?

The milking process for horses is a bit more difficult than for other animals, as the udder of a horse is more delicate. It is generally recommended to get a little bit of help from a professional in order to ensure safety and success.

What Is the Composition of Horse Milk?

Horse milk is similar to cow’s milk in composition. It has a higher fat content than cow’s milk, and a slightly lower protein content. It also contains some additional nutrients, such as:

    • Vitamin A – helps promote eye health and boosts immunity.


    • Vitamin B-12 – beneficial for cell development and metabolism.


    • Folate – helps red blood cells form.


    • Iron – helps oxygen move through the body.



In short, horses can produce milk, just like other mammal species. The milking process is more difficult with horses than with other animals, so it is recommended to get help from a professional. The composition of horse milk is very similar to cow’s milk, though it has higher fat content and a few additional nutrients like vitamin A, B-12, folate and iron.

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