Do House Geckos Need a Heat Lamp


Do House Geckos Need a Heat Lamp?

Do House Geckos Need a Heat Lamp House geckos, or commonly known as ‘common house geckos’, are an interesting addition to the home. Commonly found in warm locations, house geckos have adapted well to living in close proximity to human dwellings and often can become longterm household pets.

Do House Geckos Need Heat?

House geckos are ectothermic, meaning they require external heat sources to maintain their body temperature. It is important to create a habitat that provides the correct temperature for your gecko so it can stay healthy and live a happy life.

What Temperature is Best for House Geckos?

House geckos do best in temperatures ranging from 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit (24-26.7 Celsius). A temperature difference of 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit (5.6-8.3 Celsius) between their basking and night-time temperature is recommended. Heat lamps can be used to provide basking spots as well as improve air circulation around the enclosure.

Do House Geckos Need Heat Lamps?

It is not essential for a house gecko to have a heat lamp, as they can get necessary warmth from other sources. You can provide your gecko with heat through low wattage bulbs, heat mats, and even simply by leaving the light on in their room. However, a heat lamp can help provide more direct, localized heat and warmth to your gecko and make the enclosure more comfortable.

Benefits of a Heat Lamp for House Geckos

Providing a heat lamp for your house gecko can have a number of benefits, including:

    • Direct warmth: Heat lamps provide direct warmth and can help maintain a more consistent temperature in the enclosure.


    • Aesthetic benefits: Heat lamps can look aesthetically pleasing and can provide a more natural feel for the enclosure.


    • Stimulation: Heat lamps can create warmer basking areas, which can be stimulating for your gecko.



In conclusion, while it is not essential for a house gecko to have a heat lamp, it can provide a number of benefits, including direct warmth, aesthetic benefits, and stimulation. It is important to ensure that the correct temperature is maintained and to monitor your gecko regularly to make sure it is healthy and happy.

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