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Do Juvenile Bearded Dragons Brumate


Do Juvenile Bearded Dragons Brumate

Brumation is a natural part of the lifecycle of Bearded Dragons and it is very common in adult bearded dragons. But what about juvenile bearded dragons – do they brumate as well?

What is Brumation?

Brumation is a type of inactivity that some reptiles, including bearded dragons, enter during colder months. During brumation, the animal’s metabolism will slow, its appetite will decrease and its activity levels will decrease significantly. This is a form of hibernation that helps the animal conserve energy and survive cold winter months.

Do Juvenile Bearded Dragons Brumate?

Yes, juvenile bearded dragons do brumate. In fact, most bearded dragons will enter a period of brumation from late fall to late winter or early spring. This will depend on local temperatures and the age of the bearded dragon. Older bearded dragons may brumate for longer periods of time.

Signs of Brumation

If you suspect that your juvenile bearded dragon may be brumates, there are certain signs to look for:

    • Decrease in Appetite: Your bearded dragon may stop eating or only eat very small amounts.


    • Decrease in Activity: Your bearded dragon may become less active and only move when necessary.


    • Changes in Temperament: Your bearded dragon may become irritable, snappy or more withdrawn.


    • Lethargy: Your bearded dragon may sleep more and move less.


How to Care for a Brumating Dragon

If your juvenile bearded dragon is brumating, there are a few things you should do to care for it:

    • Provide a Cooler Environment: You should reduce the temperature in your bearded dragon’s enclosure gradually, over the course of several weeks, until it reaches about 65-70°F.


    • Reduce Lighting: You should dim or turn off lights during a period of brumation.


    • Provide Fresh Water: You should provide fresh water every day and remove any uneaten food.


    • Provide Humidity: You should provide a humid environment by misting the enclosure several times a day.




Brumation is a natural part of life for bearded dragons, including juvenile dragons. It is important to provide the correct care and environment during this time to ensure that your bearded dragon stays safe and healthy.

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