do leopard geckos need uvb light

Is UVB Light Necessary for Leopard Geckos?

Leopard geckos are docile and easy to care for lizards that are popular as pets. In the wild, these lizards are naturally exposed to UVB light, but it’s also possible to keep healthy Leopard geckos in captivity without it.

What is UVB Light?

In reptiles, UVB light is the form of light that assists their bodies in synthesizing vitamin D3. This helps their bodies absorb calcium which is essential for bone growth and development. In the wild, UVB light comes from the sun, but in a captive environment, reptile owners must use artificial UVB bulbs to replicate the effects of natural sunlight.

Do Leopard Geckos Need It?

It’s not strictly necessary for Leopard geckos to receive UVB light. In fact, the majority of owners of pet Leopard geckos don’t supply UVB light to their pet. If you choose not to supply UVB light to your Leopard gecko, you can compensate by providing it fresh, dark leafy greens which are a good source of dietary vitamin D3.

Should I Use UVB Lighting?

Although UVB lighting isn’t essential for Leopard geckos, it is recommended. UVB lighting will help your gecko to properly absorb calcium and it will also help to cut down on health problems your gecko may experience in the future. Some of the benefits of providing UVB lighting include:

  • Relieving stress: UVB can help reduce the stress levels of your Leopard gecko by simulating a more natural environment.
  • Promotes natural behavior: By providing UVB, you can help your gecko engage in many of the same behaviors they have in the wild.
  • Better activity levels: UVB lighting helps increase the activity levels of your Leopard gecko as they explore the environment.

In general, although UVB lighting is not essential for Leopard geckos, using it will provide both health and behavioral benefits to your pet. If you can, it’s best to incorporate the use of artificial UVB lighting in your pet’s habitat.

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