do leopard geckos need water

Do Leopard Geckos Need Water?

Leopard geckos are one of the most widely kept lizards in the world, due to their typically docile nature and and easy-to-care-for requirements. Any potential gecko owner should be aware of all the needed supplies, food, and housing for their reptilian pet before bringing one home. As for water, do leopard geckos need it?

Water Bowls

Generally, pet leopard geckos don’t need a dedicated water bowl. The humidity levels in the tank and their natural preference of licking droplets of water off surfaces provides them with plenty of hydration.


Leopard geckos do need some water in their environment to drink and remain hydrated. That said, instead of a water bowl, owners should mist the enclosure in order to replicate the geckos’ natural habitat and provide water.

Frequent Drinking

One misconception is that since leopard geckos don’t require a dedicated water bowl that they don’t drink frequently. Leopard geckos do in fact drink from the droplets of water on surfaces after misting, and sometimes even bathe in it.

Feeder Insects

In addition to mistings, it’s important for owners to provide hydration for their gecko in the form of feeder insects. Prior to offering them to the leopard gecko, owners should lightly mist their feeder insects with water to ensure the gecko is hydrated from their meal.

Overall, leopard geckos do need water, but they don’t necessarily require a dedicated water bowl. Owners should monitor the humidity levels in their gecko’s enclosure and regularly mist the enclosure as well as their feeder insects to provide the optimal hydration. Below are all the methods that should be used to ensure your leopard gecko is provided with enough water:

  • Monitor humidity levels in the enclosure
  • Mist the enclosure regularly
  • Lightly mist feeder insects

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