do leopard geckos shed their skin

Do Leopard Geckos Shed their Skin?

Leopard Geckos are one of the most popular pet lizards in the world. As a beginner reptile pet, they are very low-maintenance and easy to care for but there are some things you need to know in regards to their shedding habits.

How Often Do They Shed?

Leopard geckos typically shed in patches every month to six weeks. However, baby Leopard Geckos tend to shed more frequently, usually every 10 to 20 days. While shedding may occur more often in some geckos, the average shedding time shouldn’t exceed the six-week mark.

How Can You Tell When a Gecko is About to Shed?

Watch for a few signs that Leopard Geckos give when they are about to shed. The most obvious sign is a dulling or whitening of the skin. Additionally, the lizard may become lethargic, stop eating, and display a darkened coloration of the head. It’s best to leave the gecko alone until it has completely shed and resumed its normal behaviors.

How to Help your Leopard Gecko Shed?

Leopard Geckos naturally shed on their own, however, you can help the shedding process along. Here are a few ways you can to help your gecko shed:

  • Increase Humidity: Bank humidity in your leopard gecko’s enclosure to about 65% to help with the shedding process.
  • Offer a Shedding Box: A simple fish tank filled with damp sphagnum moss can provide an ideal environment for your gecko to shed. Leave the gecko in the box until it is ready to emerge.
  • Provide a Soaking Box: A shallow container filled with warm water at about 4” deep can also help soften the skin and hasten the shedding process.
  • Take a Bath: A warm bath, if done right, can help with the shedding process. Add 1 tablespoon of sea salt to a gallon of warm water. Place the gecko in the water for 15 minutes. This should help separate the old skin, however, it is important to keep an eye out to make sure the gecko doesn’t remain in the water too long or begin to struggle or panic.


Leopard geckos typically shed in patches every month to six weeks, however, baby geckos tend to shed more frequently. Keeping humidity levels high and providing a shedding box or warm bath can help with the shedding process. Be sure to observe your gecko during the shedding process and provide any necessary help.

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