do male birds make nests

Do Male Birds Make Nests?

Like so many aspects of nature, nesting behavior can vary by species. Some male birds will help build or contribute to the nest, while other males will avoid it altogether. In some species, female birds may even build the nest without any input from their male counterparts.

Why Do Birds Make Nests?

A nest provides shelter, protection and a safe space for breeding and raising chicks. That being said, birds will construct nests with a variety of materials, such as straws, grass, twigs and feathers.

Do Male Birds Help Build Nests?

Whether or not a male bird helps with nest building really depends on the species. Some birds have gender divided responsibilities, such as male and female cardinals that work together to build a nest. However, some males will not contribute at all, and instead leave the nesting duties to their female counterparts.

Which Birds May Not Have the Male’s Help?

Some species that may not require the help of the male in building the nest include:

  • Robins – the female robin is typically the one who builds the nest
  • Chickadees – the female builds the nest, though the male may help with material collection
  • Lovebirds – female lovebirds will typically build a nest without the help of the male
  • Ostrich – when an ostrich builds a nest, both the male and the female participate in its construction

So, to answer the question, do male birds make nests? The answer is that it varies greatly by species. Some birds may have a more gender divided nesting process, while others may leave most of the work to the female.

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