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Do Male Guinea Pigs Get Along


Do Male Guinea Pigs Get Along?

Whether you are considering adopting two guinea pigs or your current guinea pig might need a companion – it is important to know if male guinea pigs will get along with one another. Here is what you should know when considering owning two male guinea pigs:


Male guinea pigs will usually get along. In fact, most experts recommend that guinea pigs are kept in pairs as social animals. Guinea pigs benefit from having company and providing two together, of the opposite sex, helps them to thrive. However, when it comes to same-sex pairing, there can be some aggression which is why it is important to understand the individual needs of each guinea pig.

Observing Your Guinea Pigs

When pairing two male guinea pigs, it is important to pay attention to the behavior of both animals. A good pair should groom and play with each other. If one guinea pig appears to be constantly harassed, it is likely a sign that they won’t get along and a different companion may need to be considered.

Introducing Guinea Pigs

It is also important to remember that guinea pigs are territorial and getting them to become friends is a slow process. Even if they seem to get along immediately, you should still introduce them gradually and cautiously. Here are a few things you can do when introducing two guinea pigs:

    • Provide Plenty of Space: Make sure each guinea pig has enough space to explore and find food. Set up separate hideaways and feeders so they don’t feel the need to compete.


    • Let Them Socialize: Allow the guinea pigs to socialize for short periods of time at first and gradually increase the length of their time together.


    • Supervise: Always supervise the two guinea pigs together and make sure to separate them if there is any fighting.


Overall, male guinea pigs can typically get along and the key is understanding their individual personalities and providing them with a safe environment. With the right setup and supervision, you can help them form a strong bond and be best friends.


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