do otters eat snakes

Do Otters Eat Snakes?

If you’ve ever wondered whether otters eat snakes, the answer is surprisingly yes. Though not all species of otters have been documented eating snakes, some species of otters are known to dine on them every now and then.

What Species of Otters Eat Snakes?

The three species of otters that have been documented eating snakes are:

  • Sea otters
  • River otters
  • Spotted-necked otters

However, it is important to note that these species will only eat snakes when they are trying to protect themselves or defend their yearly. Overall, the likelihood of otters actively hunting and eating snakes is very low.

Why Do Otters Eat Snakes?

Otters will typically only eat snakes in self-defense, as snakes can be dangerous predators that can harm otters. Otters have even been observed attempting to kill snakes by either completely eating them or biting them and then dragging them beneath the water to be drowned.

In some cases though, otters actually eat snakes for their own benefit. Snakes are filled with energy-rich proteins and fats, so some species of otters choose to hunt and eat them for that reason.

Do All Otters Eat Snakes?

Not all otter species have been documented eating snakes, as only the species listed above are known to do so. That said, some otter species probably eat snakes every now and then but it has not been observed or documented by scientists.


Overall, some species of otters eat snakes from time to time, though they typically only do this in self-defense or to get a good source of energy. Other species of otters have yet to be documented eating snakes, but it is possible that they do.

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