Do Owls Eat Frogs


Do Owls Eat Frogs?

Do Owls Eat Frogs Owls might have a reputation of being wise and mysterious, but one thing is certain – they need to eat. But what creatures make up their diet? Are frogs part of the menu?

What Do Owls Eat?

Owls typically eat:

    • Small mammals like mice, voles and shrews


    • Invertebrates like beetles, caterpillars, crickets and moths


    • Small birds and reptiles


    • Occasional fish


Do Owls Eat Frogs?

In short, yes! Owls do eat frogs. Most species of owls catch frogs with their talons or by swooping from a perch and snatching them from the water with their beaks. Frogs may also serve as secondary prey for owls, meaning that most of their diet is different but they will eat frogs if they come across them. The greater and Akun eagle-owls, which are found in sub-Saharan Africa, even specialize in hunting and eating frogs.

Do Frogs Eat Owls?

The short answer is: no! Frogs don’t eat owls. They are much smaller and simply don’t possess the strength or size to take on larger prey, such as owls. Frogs are quite small and specialize in eating small insects and other invertebrates.


Owls do eat frogs, but frogs don’t eat owls. Frogs and owls usually share the same environment – often taking similar prey and sleeping in the same area – but the relationship is certainly predatorial with the owl being the predator and the frog being the prey.

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