Do Pet Rabbits Need Shots


Do Pet Rabbits Need Shots?

Do Pet Rabbits Need Shots Rabbits can make fun and unique pets, however, many potential owners don’t know if their new furry friend will require any specialized veterinary care. One of the most important questions owners have is whether pet rabbits need shots.

Vaccinations for Rabbits

The good news is that vaccinations are typically not required for pet rabbits. Vaccines can help protect your pet against potentially dangerous diseases, however, they are typically only recommended or even required for rabbits in commercial settings such as farms or rescue centers.

Health Care Needs for Pet Rabbits

Despite the fact that pet rabbits don’t need vaccinations, there are some other important health care needs:

    • Spaying or Neutering: Unless you are specifically breeding your rabbit, make sure it gets spayed or neutered. This will help keep it from reproducing and developing any related health issues.
    • Flea Prevention: Depending on your location, fleas can occasionally be a problem for pet rabbits. Talk to your vet about safe and effective flea prevention.
    • Regular Checkups: Make sure you take your rabbit in to the vet at least once a year for a health checkup and nail trimming.


Rabbits may not need vaccinations, however, they still need regular veterinary care to stay healthy and happy. If you are thinking about getting a pet rabbit, make sure you talk to your vet about your pet’s health care needs.

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