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do praying mantis make good pets

Do Praying Mantis Make Good Pets?

Praying mantises have long been admired for their fascinating behavior. Candidly, mantises may not be the most cuddly of creatures, but they can make interesting and educational pets.

The Advantages of Praying Mantis Pets

There are many benefits to having a praying mantis as a pet. Some of these include:

  • Low Maintenance – Praying mantises are relatively easy to care for. All they need is food, water, and a clean, comfortable habitat.
  • Educational – Watching a mantis is an interesting, educational experience. It is fascinating to observe a mantis as it hunts, feeds, and interacts with its environment.
  • Do Something Different – Keeping a praying mantis can be a fun, new experience. It is an especially good pet choice for those who want something outside of the ordinary.

The Disadvantages of Praying Mantis Pets

While there are many advantages to having a praying mantis as a pet, there are also a few disadvantages. Some of these include:

  • Short Lifespan – Praying mantises have a rather short lifespan. Most only live for about one year, often less.
  • Difficulty Handling – Praying mantises are not the easiest animal to handle. They tend to move quickly and will bite if mishandled.
  • Special Care Requirements – Praying mantises are delicate animals, and require special care. They need special diets, and a proper environment to thrive.


Praying mantises can make interesting and educational pets. Though they have a short lifespan, they can be a fun, new experience. However, they are not the easiest animals to care for, and may require special attention and diets. When considering getting a praying mantis, research the care instructions thoroughly to ensure it gets the best care possible.

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