Do Rabbits Blink


Do Rabbits Blink?

Doing something as simple as blinking can be essential to self-broadcasting your emotions to others. Just like people, animals often display physical cues to signal their emotions, and it is no different when it comes to rabbits.

Do Rabbits Blink as a Sign of Affection?

Rabbits use eye contact to show and foster affection. When rabbits are comfortable around each other, they will often blink in response to one another. This is a sign of trust and companionship. What’s more, not only can rabbits blink in response to another rabbit, but they can also do the same in response to their human family.

Do Rabbits Blink as a Sign of Stress?

On the flip side, when rabbits are feeling stressed they often exhibit anxiety through their eyes. This shows itself in the form of rapid blinking, dilated pupils, and reddened eyes.

Can Rabbits Blink to Communicate?

Yes! Rabbits have many subtle and refined ways in which they communicate with each other. One of these is through the blinking of their eyes. By blinking, a rabbit is able to show that it does not want to fight and is willing to show submissiveness.

Rabbit’s eyes are also great for communicating when something is amiss. Dilated pupils, wide eyes or the rabbit’s ears pointed back can all be signs of fear, anxiety, or stress.

Do Rabbits Blink to Communicate With Humans?

Not only can rabbits blink to communicate with each other, but they also understand us humans! If a rabbit blinks when you look at it, it’s a sign that it feels comfortable and secure around you.


In conclusion, rabbits do blink, but it can mean different things depending on the context. It can signify a number of emotions, including trust, affection, stress, fear, and even understanding.

To learn more about a rabbits physical cues, it is important to get to know your rabbit and take the time to observe its behavior. It will also help to figure out other expressions its making, like with its ears, tail, and fur.

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