do rabbits eat their own poop

Do Rabbits Eat Their Own Poop?

Rabbits are often seen as gentle and usually pretty cute animals, but do you ever wonder if they eat their own poop? It’s an odd question, but the answer may surprise you.

Some Background Information

Rabbits are native to Europe, Africa and parts of Asia, with the earliest known records of the animal going back to 600 BC. They are herbivores, which means their diet consists solely of plants and leaves. There are more than 30 different species of rabbits.


Yes, rabbits do in fact eat their own poop. This strange habit, known as coprophagy, serves several purposes. Firstly, it helps them get additional nutrients from their food. Secondly, it helps keep their digestive tract functioning properly.

Types of Poop

Rabbits actually produce two different types of poop. The first type is known as “cecotropes”, which are soft, moist pellets that the rabbit eats right away. The second type is regular, hard pellets, which rabbits usually don’t eat.

Reasons Why Rabbits Eat Their Poop

  • Nutritional Value: Eating their own poop helps rabbits get additional nutrients from their food that the body might have missed during digestion the first time.
  • Digestive System: Eating cecotropes helps keep the rabbit’s digestive system functioning properly by providing essential nutrients.
  • Cleanliness: Eating their own poop helps keep the litter box clean, as rabbits are naturally very clean animals.


So there you have it, rabbits do in fact eat their own poop. While it might seem gross at first, it serves several important purposes for the animal. But don’t worry, rabbits don’t usually eat the hard pellets that can be a bit smelly!

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