Do Rabbits Eat Their Young


Do Rabbits Eat Their Young?

Though the thought of rabbits eating their young may be unsettling, it does not happen in the wild or in captivity. In some cases, male rabbits may kill or injure their young, but this isn’t due to eating them. Here are some facts about the behavior of rabbits and their young.

Rabbit Behavior

Rabbits can be territorial, and they may attack other rabbits to protect their home or territory. Though this behavior may extend to their own young, they are not eating them. Though young rabbits may be injured, they are rarely killed.

Reasons for Territorial Behavior

This territorial behavior between parents and offspring is often triggered by one of the following causes:

    • Fear: The rabbit may be scared by the presence of the young rabbits and may attack.


    • Stress: The rabbit may become overly stressed by the presence of young rabbits and may fight back.


    • Sickness: The rabbit may become ill and might be trying to remove the young from their habitat.


    • Irregular Growth: The young may be growing abnormally and the parent may think that this signals danger.



To conclude, it’s important to be aware of the potential dangers to young rabbits and to care for them properly if they are born in captivity. Though rarely observed, parents may, in some cases, display aggressive behavior towards their young. However, they will not eat them as they do not eat their own kind.

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