Do Rabbits Get Cold


Do Rabbits Get Cold?

“Uncover the secrets of rabbit comfort in ‘Do Rabbits Get Cold? 5 Essential Tips to Ensure Your Bunny’s Cozy Comfort All Year Round!’ Learn how to keep your beloved bunny snug and happy, no matter the weather. Get expert insights today!” Winter weather can be tough on little critters and with many wild animals better equipped to handle the cold, understanding what you can do to make sure your pet rabbit stays safe and warm can be essential. Do rabbits naturally get cold?

Rabbits and Temperature

Rabbits as a species are adapted for living in environments with a wide range of temperatures. That said, their small size and no fur on the feet can make them vulnerable to cold weather.

Rabbits can handle temperatures down to 4-5°C but below that their health could be affected. Just like humans their ears will also be sensitive to cold, so covering them in a hat or some other covering can be helpful.

Protecting Pet Rabbits fromthe Cold

If you have pet rabbits, here are a few tips to make sure they can keep warm during the winter:

  • Bring them InsideIf you can keep your rabbit indoors during cold weather it’s the safest choice. Make sure their hutch is kept in a warm, dry area of your home and if possible put their pen on something insulated if you keep it outside like a garden shed.
  • Provide Heat SourcesSome rabbits may like to be under a heat source such as an electric blanket, hot water bottle or even just a cosy blanket. If you provide one make sure it’s not too hot or too bulky – you want it to just provide a bit of warmth not to make them too hot or trapped. “Do Rabbits get cold?” However, if you do put a heater on, make sure you supervise it and that the rabbits can’t chew it.
  • Insulate their HutchIt may be helpful to invest in some nice thick insulating material like fleece or blankets to make their hutch cosier. Straw is made to be great insulating material, but don’t let them chew or eat it as it won’t be good for them.
  • Provide Fresh Water and Healthy FoodKeeping your rabbits’ food and water supply topped up during the winter is essential. Fresh water is important for their health and also helps to keep them warm. Consider buying a heated water bottle to keep in their hutch and give them plenty of yummy greens to provide them with enough energy.


Rabbits may not naturally mind the cold too much, but they can still get too cold. Keeping them safe and warm during the winter will help to keep them happy and healthy, so make sure you follow the above tips!

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