do rabbits get periods

Do Rabbits Get Periods?

Interest in the reproductive cycle of various animals and pets has grown in recent years. Many people have wondered if rabbits experience a menstrual cycle like humans do. So, do rabbits get periods? The short answer is no, rabbits do not have a menstrual cycle.

Rabbit Reproductive Cycle

Rabbits, like other animals, instead have an estrous cycle. This consists of four stages: proestrus, estrus, metestrus and diestrus. Each of these stages corresponds to a hormone and a physical change in the rabbit’s body.


The first stage, proestrus, marks the start of the cycle. During this phase, hormones are released that stimulate the reproductive organs and bring the animal’s body to reproductive readiness.


The second stage is called estrus. This is also referred to as “being in heat” or “being in season”. During this phase, the rabbit is ready to mate and reproduce. The hormones released during estrus attract males and stimulate activity.

Metestrus and Diestrus

The third stage is metestrus, marked by a decrease in hormone levels in the body. The final stage is diestrus, a resting period during which the reproductive organs are prepared for the next cycle.

Do Rabbits Bleed?

So, do rabbits get periods? The answer is no. Rabbits do not bleed during the estrus cycle, nor any other time. The progression of hormones in the estrus cycle is quite different from a menstrual cycle.


Rabbits do not experience a menstrual cycle like humans do. Instead, they go through an estrus cycle that consists of four stages, each identified by a hormone change and physical response. During no part of this cycle do rabbits bleed. So, for those wondering, the answer is no, rabbits do not get periods.

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