do rabbits like music

Do Rabbits Like Music?

Do you wonder if your rabbit is enjoying the tunes you play for them ? As cute and adorable as rabbits are, it can be hard to tell how they are responding to your music.

It’s natural to be curious and want to know if music affects rabbits, and the good news is that research indicates rabbits do enjoy music.

Active Listening

Rabbits may not sing along like our furry friends the parrots do, but they may enjoy a tune if they are active listeners of the music. Rabbits can show they are listening to music by:

  • Ears twitching – Ears will be tilted towards the music and move to the rhythm.
  • Hops and jumps – Rabbits may show excitement or joy by hopping or jumping around in response to the music.
  • Relaxed posture – Relaxed posture and soft eyes may indicate the rabbit is relaxed and enjoying the music.

Music You Should Play for Your Rabbit

Rabbits respond best to music with a slower tempo. Classical music, such as Beethoven or Vivaldi, and light jazz such as Louis Armstrong or Ella Fitzgerald, are great options to play for your rabbit.

Music specifically composed for animals, such as the album Music for Pets, is also a great type of music that has been designed to be calming yet stimulating at the same time.

Even better, sing to them! Rabbits will recognize their name and also have a favorite sound or type of music that they enjoy.

Rabbits are extremely interesting animals and can react differently in certain situations, therefore it is essential to observe their behavior to determine what type of music they may enjoy the most.

So go ahead and play those tunes, you may find that your furry friend loves to groove along with you!

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