do rabbits live underground

Do Rabbits Live Underground?

Rabbits are some of the most beloved animals around. They are fluffy, and they hop around the grass like bouncy balls. But one thing people often wonder is: do rabbits live underground? The short answer is: sometimes, yes.

Where Do Rabbits Normally Live?

Most commonly, rabbits live above ground in the grassy areas found all around the world. They often hide in tall grass, bushes, and even burrows that they dig in the dirt.

Rabbits like to be around areas that have plenty of vegetation like grass, flowers, and trees. This makes them feel safe and secure. They also need to find spaces that provide protection from predators, like foxes and coyotes, who want to eat them.

Do Rabbits Live Underground?

Rabbits do sometimes live in underground burrows. This usually happens in areas where there is a lot of open ground. They may also build underground burrows in other areas, such as near rivers and streams.

Underground burrows provide rabbits with a lot of protection from predators. They also have enough room for them to move around and build their nests.

Are There Different Types Of Burrows?

Rabbits will use different types of burrows depending on the environment. In areas with more vegetation, they will dig shallow burrows with a single entrance and several exits.

In areas with less vegetation, they may build more elaborate burrows with multiple entrances and exits. These underground dwellings can be quite expansive and can reach depths of up to 8 feet!


So the answer to the question: do rabbits live underground? is sometimes yes. Many rabbits prefer to live above ground, but they will use underground burrows as a refuge in certain environments. Also, they often build different types of burrows depending on the type of vegetation and terrain they are living in.

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