Do Rabbits Need Salt Licks


Salt Licks for Rabbits – Are They Necessary?

Do Rabbits Need Salt licks are a common treat for many animals including rabbits, but the true need for them is surprisingly debatable. We know that rabbits eat certain plants for the salt content which keeps their electrolytes balanced, but do they really need a separate block specifically for this purpose?

Why Add a Salt Lick to Your Rabbit’s Diet?


A salt lick may improve your rabbit’s overall health by providing her with:

    • A natural source of vital minerals such as sodium and chloride, important electrolytes necessary to keep a pet’s body functioning properly.


    • A way to increase the palatability of otherwise plain food.


    • A way to add interest to your pet’s diet.



Are Salt Licks Necessary For Rabbits?


There is no particular need to provide a salt lick to your bunny; wild rabbits naturally get the required amount of salt from the plants they eat. Even domestic rabbits eating a diet rich in hay and vegetables can get the minerals they need.

It is important to note, however, that if you choose to provide a salt lick as part of your rabbit’s diet, make sure you get one specifically made for rabbits. Some licks are high in copper, which can be toxic for your pet, so always check with your vet or a rabbit-savvy pet store for the appropriate product.



So, in a nutshell, salt licks are not necessary for rabbits. However, if you would like to give your pet a salt lick as a special treat, do so in moderation and always check with your vet or a pet supply store for the proper product.

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