Do Rabbits Shed Fur


Do Rabbits Shed Fur?

Do Rabbits Shed Fur Yes, rabbits shed fur. All rabbits, whether they are longhaired or shorthaired, will experience shedding of their fur throughout the year. Shedding occurs more so in the spring and fall, when rabbits must transition from winter to summer fur.

Signs of Shedding

Most pet owners are aware that their beloved rabbits shed, but they might not know the signs and symptoms associated with shedding. Here are a few common signs of a rabbit shedding:

    • Thinner coats: Your rabbit may appear to have a thinner coat as the fur is shed.


    • Loose fur: As your rabbit sheds, you may notice tufts of fur scattered around your house or inside their cages.


    • Aggression: Your rabbit may become more aggressive during shedding if their fur is caught in the metal bars of the cage.


Managing Shedding

Shedding is a natural part of your rabbits process, but there are a few things that owners can do to help manage it.

    • Brush your rabbit: Regularly brushing your rabbit’s fur can help to remove loose strands of fur and can reduce the amount of fur scattered around your home.


    • Use a shed-ease cream: There are special shed-ease creams that can help your rabbit’s fur to slide off easier.


    • Bathe your rabbit: A warm bath and gentle shampoo can help to loosen your rabbit’s fur and make it easier for them to shed.


Shedding is largely an unavoidable process for rabbits, but with a little bit of effort, owners can help make the shedding process a bit less uncomfortable for their fur babies.

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