do rattle snakes lay eggs

Do Rattle Snakes Lay Eggs?

Rattlesnakes are a type of venomous snake found in the Americas, and they are characterized by the rattle-like sound they make when they sense danger.These snakes are interesting creatures, and many people wonder if they lay eggs or if they are live-bearing.

Rattlesnake Reproduction

Rattlesnakes reproduce by laying eggs. The majority of Rattlesnakes lay eggs, although some may be live-bearing. The female Rattlesnake will produce an average of 15-25 eggs in a single clutch, and the eggs will be laid in a well-hidden den.

The eggs can take from seven to nine weeks to hatch, and the young will emerge already equipped with fully functioning venom glands.Interestingly, after the eggs are laid the mother Rattlesnake will no longer guard the eggs and will leave the den.

Rattle Snake Egg Care

Rattlesnake eggs require no parental care once laid. The mother will leave the egg sacks that are well camouflaged amongst the fallen twigs, leaves, and other natural debris. The egg sacks also help to protect the eggs from predators and the changing weather.

The warmth of the sun will help the eggs develop.In some species the younglings may come equipped with a yolk sac which helps to provide them with extra nutrition while they wait for their first meal.


In conclusion, Rattlesnakes do lay eggs. The eggs are laid in a hidden den, and the mother will not guard them after they are laid. The eggs require no parental care, but the warmth of the sun and the natural debris found near the egg sacks help protect them from predators and the changing weather.

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