do reptiles drink milk from their mother

Do Reptiles Drink Milk From Their Mother?

Reptiles are grouped together under the class of vertebrates that includes other animals such as amphibians, birds, and mammals. Since they are not mammals, you may wonder, do reptiles drink milk?

Does Milk Feed Reptile Young?

Unlike mammals who feed their young milk, reptiles do not feed their offspring with milk. Instead of milk, reptiles rely on yolk to provide nourishment to their young. When reptile offspring hatch from their eggs, the yolk provides all of the vitamins, fats, and proteins that the baby needs.

Factors That Impact Reptile Feeding

The exact method of how reptiles feed their offspring depends on the type of reptile. Some reptiles may provide their eggs with nutrition before laying them, while others may provide extra nutrition in the form of calcium or minerals.

Here are some factors that influence how a reptile feeds its offspring:

  • Size of the species
  • Number of offspring
  • Ecological conditions
  • Temperature
  • Amount of nutrients available

Do Reptiles Nurse Their Young?

Reptiles have a different type of care than mammals when it comes to feeding their young. While mammals rely on nursing, reptiles provides care in a different way.

The method of care a reptile provides depends on the type of reptile. Some reptiles may lay multiple eggs at once and provide care for their eggs, while others may lay one egg at a time and provide extra care for the individual hatchling. Many reptiles lay eggs and abandon them without any form of care.


In conclusion, reptiles do not nurse their young and rely on yolk to feed their offspring instead. The exact method of care for their offspring depends on the type of reptile and their individual ecological conditions.

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