do reptiles drink water

Do Reptiles Drink Water?

Reptiles are unique animals that have been around for many years. They have been able to survive the test of time due to their adaptation and evolution. But, one of their most essential needs remains the same as all animals: they need water to survive. So, do reptiles drink water?

How Do Reptiles Drink Water?

Reptiles get the majority of their water from the food they consume such as insects and fruits. This is because they have adapted to being able to absorb the water found in their prey.

However, some species do drink water. They usually take on liquid form through their tongues, like other animals. Their tongues are adapted in such a way that they are able to flicker to pick up drops of water or to lap up water from their environment. Depending on the species, reptiles may drink from water dishes, a shallow body of water, or even wet mud.

Do All Reptiles Need Water?

Yes, all reptile species need water to survive but their requirements might differ based on their species, size, and environment.

  • Turtles and Tortoises: these species prefer larger bodies of water such as ponds, pools, or lakes as they spend a lot of their time swimming and even sleeping in water.
  • Lizards: depending on the species, some lizards may need more water than others. For example, the Australian bluetongue skinks need more water than other species.
  • Snakes: snakes rarely drink water in the wild and their water requirements are usually completed by the food they eat. However, in captivity they will typically drink from a shallow water dish.


Reptiles require water to survive but their requirements and methods of getting water may vary based on their species and environment. While some species may derive the majority of their water from their food, other species such as turtles and lizards prefer to drink from larger bodies of water.

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