Do Reptiles Have Warm or Cold Blood


Do Reptiles Have Warm or Cold Blood?

Do Reptiles Have Warm or Cold Blood Reptiles are ectotherms, meaning that the temperature of their body is regulated by their environment rather than internally. Even though you may think all reptiles have cold blood, actually, some of them have warm blood and homeothermy.

Endothermic Reptiles

    • Crocodilians: Crocodilians are large lizards living in warm tropical climates. Their secret to warm-bloodedness? They use the sun to their advantage! They warm their bodies by basking on rocks and warm surfaces, thus increasing their metabolisms.


    • Tuataras: Tuataras are a reptile species native to New Zealand’s islands. This special species is even more advanced than crocodilians as they have some warm-blooded tissue to regulate their body temperature.


    • Squamates: Certain species of Squamates, such as the mighty komodo dragon, are capable of endothermy. They evolved this feature to help them hunt larger prey, as the extra energy from their increased metabolism allows them to move faster in their hunt


Cold-blooded Reptiles

Most reptiles have cold-blooded bodies and rely on external warm environments. Here are some examples:

    • Turtles: Turtles have a hard outer shell, which prevents them from losing their body heat. Instead, they soak up the sun to warm their bodies in order to be able to perform processes such as digestion and movement.


    • Venomous Snakes: Snakes are one of the most common cold blooded reptiles. As they do not need to burn energy to regulate their body temperature, they are able to go for long periods of time without food.


    • Lizards: Lizards need the sun to warm their bodies and typically spend their days basking on rocks and logs to gain energy for the day.


To conclude, reptiles can have warm or cold blood depending on their species. Those living in colder environments tend to be more cold-blooded, while some species such as crocodilians, tuataras, and komodo dragons have evolved endothermy.

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