do reptiles make good pets

Do Reptiles Make Good Pets?

There is much debate about whether or not reptiles make good pets. Reptiles can be fascinating creatures to own since they can live a long time, require minimal care, and are entertaining to watch. However, they are also more challenging to care for than traditional pets and require much more specialized care and environmental setup.


  • Low Maintenance: Reptiles require minimal attention and are not like traditional pets that require daily walks, baths, grooming, and regular veterinary checkups.
  • Long Lifespan: Depending on the species, reptiles may live for decades. That is a long time compared to cats, dogs, and even other exotic pets.
  • Entertaining: Reptiles, in general, are fairly quiet, do not seek attention and provide hours of entertainment merely watching them move, eat and occasionally play with toys.


  • Expensive: Reptiles are a significant investment, including initial costs and ongoing expenses for their specialized habitat and vet care.
  • Stringent Care Requirements: Reptiles require specific environmental conditions, temperatures, and diets to remain healthy and have consistent, dedicated care.
  • Can’t be Cuddled: Many pet owners want a pet that can be held, snuggled, and interacted with. Reptiles cannot do this—they don’t understand human affection and must be left alone to regulate their body temperatures.

Whether or not a reptile makes a good pet largely depends on how much time, money, and effort the owner is willing to put into providing the proper care. Reptiles can be exciting to watch and can have unique personalities, but they require special attention, countless resources, and a commitment to care for several years. When done right, reptiles can make wonderful companions.

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