do reptiles need vaccinations

Do Reptiles Need Vaccinations?

Reptiles are unique animals with an incredible range of diversity, so it is understandable that many people who keep these fascinating creatures as pets may have questions about their care, such as whether or not reptiles need vaccinations.

Why Vaccines are Important

Vaccines are important for keeping potential diseases out of your pet, as well as for protecting other animal species from contracting it. Reptiles can contract diseases as well, so vaccinations can help protect them from many of the common illnesses that can happen. Vaccines also protect humans from being exposed to diseases that reptiles can carry.

What Vaccines Should Reptiles Receive?

The type of vaccines that reptiles should receive depends on the type of reptile and its environment.

  • Turtles should get vaccinated for respiratory infections and salmonella.
  • Bearded dragons should get vaccinated for adenovirus and bacteria.
  • Iguanas should get vaccinated for salmonella.

Are Vaccines Safe for Reptiles?

Yes, vaccines can be safe for reptiles and are usually administered through an intramuscular injection. The injection should be administered by a qualified veterinarian and will normally last for one year.


Reptiles should get vaccinated to prevent illnesses and protect other animal species and humans from contracting diseases. Different types of reptiles should get different types of vaccines, so be sure to speak with a qualified veterinarian to determine which type of vaccines are best for your reptile pet.

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