do reptiles shed

Do Reptiles Shed?

Yes, reptiles do shed their skin. All reptiles molt, or shed their skin in order to grow, get rid of parasites, and keep their skin healthy. Reptiles have special adaptations which they use to shed their skin including shedding all at once or in patches.

Types of Reptiles

  • Snakes
  • Turtles
  • Lizards
  • Crocodiles

How do Reptiles Shed?

Reptiles shed their skin by sloughing, or peeling off the outer layer in pieces. Snakes tend to shed all at once, like a single “suit”, and this happens about once every two months. Other reptiles, like lizards, tend to shed in patches.

Signs that Your Reptile is Sloughing

The signs of a reptile sloughing off its skin are usually hard to miss. Generally, your pet may have a cloudy or darker eye, decreased appetite and darker coloration, and while they’re sloughing, their eyes will swell and become opaque.


Knowing when and how your reptile will be sloughing its skin is vital to ensure a healthy and happy pet. By understanding the signs, the appropriate amount of time for a molt, and being aware of the special adaptations used by your pet reptile, you can easily manage a healthy and successful shedding experience.

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