Do Skunks Eat Frogs


What Do Skunks Eat?

Skunks are omnivorous mammals native to North and South America whose diet consists of both plants and animals. We often first think of skunks spraying their scent when considering them, but what types of food do they consume?

Small Animals

Skunks feed on a variety of small animals, including:

    • Birds and their eggs


    • Fish


    • Insects


    • Small rodents


Do Skunks Eat Frogs?

Skunks, typically prefer a diet consisting of small mammals, insects, and eggs, but do occasionally eat as frogs. They do this in areas where an animal is not accessible, and may also consume amphibians such as toads when the need arises.


Skunks also supplement their diet with plant-based food sources such as fruits and vegetables. They will often go after sugar sources like honeydew melon, watermelon, and corn. But they have also been known to ravage vegetable gardens in search of anything they can find.

In conclusion, while skunks prefer small animals, fish, insects, and eggs, they will occasionally eat frogs and supplement their diet with plant-based food sources.

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