do snakes climb walls

Can Snakes Climb Walls?

Snakes are one of the most interesting and mysterious creatures on earth. People may wonder if these mysterious creatures have the same abilities as other animals, such as the ability to climb walls. While snakes are not known for their climbing abilities, they can and do climb walls, using their scales and flexible bodies to do so.

How do Snakes Climb Walls?

Snakes are able to climb walls, thanks to their specialized scales. These scales allow the snake to press down firmly and securely on the wall without slipping. Along with their scales, snakes are incredibly flexible and can contort themselves in any direction needed to get up the wall. Finally, snakes have a sticky substance on their tongues they secrete when they need to have extra grip and stability.

Types of Snakes that Climb

Not all snakes can climb walls, but certain types are much better at it than others. The most common snakes known for their wall-climbing abilities include the rat snake, corn snake, king snake, and garter snake. These snakes can used their scales and maneuver up walls quickly and easily.

Advantages to Climbing Walls

By being able to climb walls, snakes are able to reach higher areas such as trees and secure nesting spots in hard to reach places. In addition, some reptiles such as lizards and geckos live near the walls and snakes climbing walls gives them a full opportunity to hunt their prey.


Snakes may seem like they would be unable to climb walls, but the opposite is true. They possess the necessary skills and attributes to do so. With their specialized scales, flexible bodies, and sticky tongues, they are able to make it up any wall with ease. So the next time you see a snake, beware – it may be able to make it’s way up the wall!

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