Do Snakes Fight Each Other


Do Snakes Fight Each Other?

Snakes are generally not known to engage in fights, as they are predators and they have never needed to do so in order to survive. However, there are still occasions when snakes may come into contact with each other in the wild and they may end up fighting.

Types of Snake Fights

Snakes can get into fights for different reasons, such as territory disputes, food rivalry or mating disputes.

Reasons for Fighting

    • Territorial Disputes: Snakes are known to be territorial animals, so when one snake enters another one’s territory, a fight is likely to occur.


    • Food Rivalry: If two snakes are after the same prey, they may end up fighting in order to get it.


    • Mating Disputes: When two male snakes compete for a female, they may come into contact and a fight might occur.


How Do Snakes Fight?

Snakes may bite each other in a fight, and they may also wrap themselves around each other in a battle of strength.

Can Snakes Kill Each Other?

Snakes rarely cause fatal injuries, so it is highly unlikely that a snake will kill another one in a fight. However, serious injuries such as dislocated bones, damaged organs and broken fangs are possible.


So, it is possible for snakes to get into fights with each other in the wild, although it is not common. If two snakes do come into contact, it is likely to be over territorial, food or mating disputes. During these fights, serious injuries may occur but it is rare for fatal injuries to be inflicted.

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