do snakes hibernate in houses

Do Snakes Hibernate in Houses?

Snakes are fascinating creatures that are highly misunderstood by many people. But one of the most common questions people have about snakes is whether or not they hibernate in houses. The answer is that while it is possible for snakes to hibernate in houses, it is not likely.

Why Snakes Don’t Usually Hibernate in Houses?

Snakes rarely hibernate in houses because they do not have the right environment to do so. Snakes need a cool, dark, and dry area in order to hibernate and these conditions are not usually found indoors. Additionally, they need access to food sources to survive the long winter months.

Where Do Snakes Hibernate?

Most snakes hibernate in the outdoors. They usually look for places that are cool, dark, and dry, such as underground crevices and burrows. This helps them to stay safe from predators and keep warm during the colder months. Some snakes may also take shelter in logs, tree stumps, or even under rocks and buildings.

How Long Do Snakes Hibernate?

Snakes do not hibernate for very long periods of time. Generally, they will begin to wake up in late February or early March. This is due to changing temperatures and daylight hours, which help them to adjust to the coming spring.

What Should You Do if You Find a Snake in Your House?

If you find a snake in your house, the best thing to do is contact a local wildlife expert or animal control specialist. They will be able to determine if the snake is a danger to you or your family, or if it is just passing through the area. If they determine the snake is a non-dangerous species, they will likely be able to relocate it to a safer environment outdoors.


In conclusion, snakes rarely hibernate in houses. They usually seek out cool, dark, and dry environments outdoors where they can be safe from predators and where there are food sources. If you find a snake in your home, contact a local wildlife expert or animal control specialist to ensure the snake is removed safely.

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