Do Snakes Like Heat


Do Snakes Like Heat?

Snakes are most known for being cold-blooded reptiles, yet they still need some form of heat to survive. While all snakes may not feel the same, it’s safe to say that most of them will appreciate the warmth.

Why Do Snakes Need Heat?

As cold-blooded animals, snakes rely on their environment to keep their temperature regulated. Without a good source of heat, their bodies would take on the temperature of the natural setting, which could lead to many health issues.

A regular source of heat for a snake is important for several reasons. It can help with digestion, metabolism, growth, and day-to-day activity. It may also determine their alertness level and how well they’ll adjust in captivity.

Providing Heat for Your Snake

When it comes to providing your snake with the appropriate amount of heat, there are several options. Here are a few of the most common:

    • Under Tank Heater (UTH):These are electrical heating elements that are placed underneath the tank. Some may have a thermostat, while others will need to be manually adjusted.


    • Heat Mats:These are also electrical heating elements, but they are usually flat and usually placed inside the reptile tank. Heat mats produce consistent heat, however they should always be monitored.


    • Heat Lamps:These lamps should be placed at an appropriate distance, so that your snake can move around the enclosure and choose where he wishes to bask.


In most cases, a combination of the three will be used to create a variety of temperatures in your snake’s enclosure. It’s important to keep in mind that too much heat in one area can be dangerous to your pet, as temperatures above 90°F can cause harm.

Do Snakes Enjoy the Heat?

The short answer is yes. While every snake is different, most will rely on the environment to make them comfortable. Too cold or too hot can both have a negative impact on their health, but a steady source of heat can create a better atmosphere for your reptile companion.

Providing heat for your snake is an essential part of responsible snake ownership. With that being said, it’s important to always use caution and monitor the temperature of your snake’s environment.

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