do snakes poop and pee

Do Snakes Pee and Poop?

The answer to this question is yes, snakes not only pee and poop, but they also shed their skin and create fecal slugs to dispose of their waste. Let’s explore these processes in more detail below.

How Snakes Pee and Poo

Snakes pee by excreting a fluid, known as urea, from their cloaca. This is a similar process to what humans and other mammals do, although it is more common to hear of mammals urinating than snakes.

Another way that snakes expel waste is through defecation, or pooping. This is done by contracting the rectal musculature and releasing fecal matter from the cloaca. The waste snakes excrete is actually quite solid and may appear in the form of “pellets.”

Shedding Skin

Snakes also shed their skin in a process known as ecdysis. This usually takes place a few times a year, depending on the species, and is an important part of enabling the snake to grow and regenerate. When shedding their skin, snakes excrete an icky combination of oils and fats, along with tiny particles that make up the skin. This is why you may find deposits of liquid and small sections of old skin around your pets tank.

Fecal Slugs

The final way snakes expel waste is through the production of a slimy substance called a fecal slug. These are found on the tank floor and are made up of metabolic liquids and waste which has been mixed and expelled as a single lump. Fecal slugs can range in size and shape depending on the species, but are generally oblong and gelatinous in appearance.

To sum it up, yes, snakes pee and poop and also employ processes that may seem strange to us humans.

Key Points:

  • Snakes expel waste by urinating, defecating and producing fecal slugs.
  • Snakes also shed their skin a few times a year.
  • The waste excreted by snakes may appear in the form of pellets, liquid and skin sections.

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