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Do Spiders Make Good Pets


Do Spiders Make Good Pets?

Spiders can make excellent pets for those interested in small and relatively low-maintenance pets. Although spiders often get a bad rap for being feared and misunderstood, there are actually some advantages of keeping a spider as a pet.


    • Easy to care for: Spiders are relatively low-maintenance, and can often live for several years with only minimal effort from the owner


    • Cheap: Spiders are usually very inexpensive (if not free) to care for, since they require very limited supplies, diets, and/or medications.


    • Unique: Many people find spiders fascinating to observe and study. Different species will have varied behaviors and habitats, making them an interesting pet choice.



    • May require specialized housing: Depending on the species of spider, the pet may require specific housing (like an aquarium-style terrarium).


    • They can be hard to tame: Spiders are not usually domesticated, and as such are more skittish than other domesticated pets. This can make them difficult to handle.


    • Can be dangerous: It is important to research the venom of the species of spider one is considering for a pet, as some can cause serious (or even fatal) reactions in humans.


At the end of the day, the decision of having a spider as a pet will vary from person to person and should be given much thought and research prior to adding one to the household. If you feel a spider is the right pet for you, then with research, proper housing and handling, it can make an excellent pet.

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