do squirrels eat rabbits

Do Squirrels Eat Rabbits?

Squirrels are adored by many for the antics, lovely tails and clumsy movements. But these cute creatures also have a life cycle to follow, which includes nourishment for survival. While one may think that these furry rodents eat nuts and seeds, one question which arises is: Do Squirrels Eat Rabbits?

The Answer

Surprisingly, the answer is yes. While it is not a common occurrence, squirrels have indeed been known to feed on rabbits. This behavior is usually found in areas where there are limited food resources, and squirrels have no choice but to look for other food sources, such as young and weak rabbits.

Other Foods Squirrels Eat

In general, squirrels eat a variety of foods. Here’re a few that they feed on:

  • Nuts, Seeds and Fruits
  • Buds and Leaves
  • Insects, Butterflies, Caterpillars
  • Bird Eggs
  • Mushrooms and Fungi
  • Occasionally, Small Reptiles

What to Do if You Notice a Squirrel Eating a Rabbit?

Due to lack of resources, squirrels may be driven to turn towards a prey for sustenance. Therefore, if you do happen to see a squirrel feeding on a young, weak or injured rabbit, it is best to keep your distance and not intervene.


To sum it up, it is true that squirrels have been known to feed on young and weak rabbits, but it is not a common sight. As they are omnivores, they prefer eating nuts, seeds and fruits and feed on other sources of food such as insects and birds’ eggs in the absence of these. Humans should not intervene if they witness a squirrel feeding on a rabbit, as it is simply part of the animal’s life cycle.

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