do squirrels kill birds


Do Squirrels Kill Birds?

Squirrels and birds seem to be unlikely adversaries because of their size difference, but it is possible that squirrels may attack and even kill birds. While incidents of squirrel-on-bird violence are rare, there are some cases where squirrels can become predators.

Reasons for a Squirrel to Kill a Bird

    • Hunger: Squirrles are driven to search for food when hungry, and can attack small birds that offer an easy meal.


    • Territorial Behavior: A squirrel that has identified a specific area as its home can become aggressive towards intruders, including birds.


    • Fear: If a squirrel feels threatened, it may attack a bird in self-defense.


Ways to Protect Birds from Squirrels

    • Rethink your Bird Feeders: If your bird feeders are located near a squirrel’s house or path, they may take advantage of the easy food source. To discourage such behavior, consider hanging a squirrel baffle below your bird feeder.


    • Plant Native Plants: Native plants will attract birds, while simultaneously deterring squirrels.


    • Keep Dogs or Cats Away: If birds inhabit an area near your home, it is important to keep inquisitive pets away from the birds. Both cats and dogs can be sources of fear for birds, and can also unintentionally harm them.


As always, it is best to observe wildlife from a healthy distance so that neither animal feels threatened by the presence of humans. While it is unlikely that a squirrel will kill a bird, it is possible in certain circumstances. Knowing how to protect vulnerable birds from inquisitive critters can help prevent accidental harm.

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